It’s been nearly 3 years since we last received a Rockie Fresh project, but that doesn’t mean Rockie was on vacation. MMG’s Chicago rep was busy touring the world and refining his craft, and was admittedly inspired by his travels and personal tribulation to take the time to heighten the standard of his output.

Enter The Night I Went To…, Rockie Fresh’s return to the scene, featuring Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown and Rick Ross. On this project Rockie extends his sonic palette, mixing the laid back, pensive Rockie Fresh we’re all used to with dance and R&B–even a little pop–as he looks to widen the range of sounds in his repertoire. He does so seamlessly, exemplified by his Ed Sheeran collaboration, which could easily be the lead single for a forthcoming album, and his Rick Ross collab, which is a stark contrast to their most recent hook-up, “Thank You.”

Stream the The Night I Went To… below, and get ready for Rockie to continue to make major waves in 2016.