Instant Replay is one of the necessary evils of watching sports in the 21st century. It’s over-utilized, over-scrutinized, and takes entirely too long at times and seems like Jon Gruden has had enough.

Gruden told Men’s Fitness that he’d rather dump modern technology in favor of an era where teams got hosed by calls on the field, but there were far less commercial breaks:

“I would eliminate all of it. Everything’s disputed now. Was he inbounds? Was it a turnover? It’s taken the juice out of the stadium. There are too many timeouts. Let the people on the field officiate and hold them accountable. Look, there’s going to be some bang-bang plays that have to be officiated. And who’s going to make the decision? The instant replay man in New York City?”

Highly doubt that it will ever happen but wishful thinking, Jon Gruden.