Photographed by the world renowned Annie Leibovitz, Moncler’s latest campaign features a re-imagining of a historic story told by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels. The brand that has provided countless culture stars such as P. Diddy and Drake with massive compliments to their image, has come up with a fresh, crafty means of advertising their latest garments. Displaying the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, an impressively dressed Gulliver awakens on a beach in a down-filled waistcoat and a pair of culottes surrounded by the small fairy tale like beings. All shrunken Lilliputians are decked out in full Moncler blue looks donning Moncler’s highly coveted electric blue Longue Saison jacket.  

The puffy Longue Saison Jacket is an item attached to fly style as is Moncler in general. With the coldest of temperatures reaching many parts of the country, if your looking to layer up with a luxe outerwear piece, Moncler’s impending Spring/Summer 2016 collection will soon have you covered.