TIME has released its latest cover, with the feature focusing on the current water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Titled “The Poisoning of An American City,” the cover (the story is written by Josh Sanburn) features a young Black boy whose skin is patched with scaly, dry skin from the effects of consuming the city’s toxic water.


Along with the chilling image comes a very direct and appropriately scathing sub-title: “Toxic Water. Sick kids. And the incompetent leaders who betrayed Flint.”

News broke earlier in the year of the water crisis in Flint when parents contacted national media outlets because their children were poisoned by the high amount of lead in the cities water supply.

Ever since, America has started to question the leaders in Flint for not reacting to the very obvious crisis, and celebrities have taken on the opportunity to be charitable by donating bottles of water and water filtration systems to the residents of the city.