Actress/model Stacey Dash has been in the news this week after she appeared on Fox News and made some statements in regards to the recent boycott of the Academy Awards due to the lack of Black nominees. While speaking, she shared that there should not be any BET, NAACP Image Awards, or any platform of that ilk for minorities. The backlash was swift, as many in the public eye and online dragged Dash for her stance.

Today, Waka Flocka weighed in on the topic but his opinion did not quite align totally with many of the others who have spoken out.

I can say Stacey Dash is wrong and she’s right. But how she said it, she couldn’t break down what she was trying to explain. But honestly, I always felt like that. We got BET. BET is for black people. [Does that mean] MTV’s for white people? Think about it. Why the fuck do we have black history month but only in February. How can the people that took our history give us our history, but only for one month?