Ever since Stacey Dash appeared on the Fox And Friends show and made her controversial statements about BET and Black History Month, she’s received more attention than she has in her last three movie appearances combined.

The BET Instagram account, which is for obvious reasons not really known for responding to online beef, did actually send a shot back at the Clueless actress with an image one of Dash’s appearances on its popular show The Game, in which the network asked the actress “can we get our check back… or nah?”

Dash has since fired back with a remedy in which she can reap a benefit of popularity and use the BET platform against them to do it. She recently launched her How BET Lies To Black People blog, in which Dash satirically breaks down why Black Entertainment Television has no real reason to be in syndication and looks forward to the day “when people[like BET] don’t self-segregate based on skin color, while loudly complaining about a segregated society.”