Winter Storm Jonas hit the northeast very heavy this past weekend as millions remained indoors protected from the snow. Conditions were so rough that authorities in a few areas even called for a state of emergency. One of the few people that braved the storm was 31-year-old licensed practical nurse Chantelle Diabate.

After working her 11pm to 7am overnight shift at Hebrew Home in the Riverdale section of The Bronx Saturday morning, she came to the realization that there would be no way for her to return home in Washington Heights and be back for her next shift. This is when she decided to stay a friend’s place in The Bronx and spent hour and half walking 1.5 miles back to her job on Saturday night.

As long as my daughter was safe [with a baby-sitter], I knew I had to come back and take care of my second family. I knew they needed people and it was an emergency.

Fortunately for the patients, Diabate was the only worker that was able to make it to work that night.

This is what I do for a living.I love it, and I have a passion for it, she said. I love the geriatric community, they have so much to offer. They shaped the world we live in today.

One thing is for sure, that raise better be hefty.