While discussing his new mixtape, The Rawest N*igga Alive, Tyga recently sat down with 92.3 LA and talked about everything from his favorite artists and growth to working with Kanye West.

When asked about his upcoming collaboration with ‘Ye for Waves, Tyga revealed they worked on a few songs together.

“[Kanye] didn’t really work on [the mixtape], but we have actually been working on a few joints for my album-which is crazy-and  I have been working with him on his album”, Tyga said. “He’s the god of this, he’s like the Farrakhan of rap for everybody.”

While the Drake and Meek Mill feud grabbed attention, many people forgot Tyga also had beef with Drake, which Tyga credits Kanye for settling.

“[Kanye]’s like the leaser of this and he’s not interested in putting artist against artist”, Tyga continued. “So you will see him do an album with Drake or whoever because he wants artists to work together.”

According to Tyga, Kanye brokered a sit down with him and Drake and now the duo are on good terms after communicating with each other.

In regards to his opinion on rap beefs and feuds, Tyga shows his encounter with ‘Ye and growth has changed his perspective.

“If somebody’s not taking anything away from you –  it’s not affecting your family or taking away from your money – then you should never have a problem with somebody. As a man, you should always be able to talk to somebody and be level-headed.”