The only person gossiped about more this week than Kanye West was likely Blac Chyna, and it doesn’t look like the conversations surrounding her will be going away any time soon. TMZ is now reporting that Rob Kardashian‘s alleged newest love interest has been arrested at an aiport in Texas for “becoming belligerent” with a flight attendant on a flight to London.

Though Chyna’s final destination was London, her flight laid over in Austin, which is where she was handcuffed and taken into custody by authorities. According to the report, Chyna took off from LAX without incident, but she was “heavily intoxicated,” and was engaged in some sort of altercation with a flight attendant. Eyewitness testimony reportedly had Chyna crying as she was taken away by police.

Before this unfortunate run-in with the law, Blac Chyna was discussed incessantly all week, after rumors–purported by the alleged new couple–of her and Rob Kardashian entering a romantic relationship took over the internet. Kardashian has been publicly at odds with his family for several months, and Chyna’s relationship with Tyga turned sour fairly recently, leading to his controversial relationship with Kylie Jenner. You can see how that would be one of the more interesting gossip stories of the year.