By now, you’ve heard of Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa‘s back-and-forth on Twitter Wednesday, which resulted in Wiz and Kanye being at odds and Wiz screaming “F*ck Kanye” at subsequent live shows. Well, it appears that the Argentina show wasn’t the last place Wiz planned on expressing his distaste for the “Real Friends” rapper. According to this TMZ clip, Khalifa screamed “We coming for you Kanye, you better run n*gga,” at the next stop on his South American run, a Chile show, which took place last night. No word on how Amber Rose feels about this as of the time of this writing, but chances are her thoughts are coming shortly, considered she’s spent the last 3 days offering her commentary on just about every facet of this “beef.”

Next month is pivotal for each artist, as Wiz Khalifa will release his new album, Khalifa, on February 5, and Kanye’s WAVES is due out February 11.