The plot thickens.

When Drake unleashed “Back to Back” in the wee hours of that fateful Wednesday, July 29, his scathing remarks towards Meek Mill could be heard all around the world – but apparently not just one floor beneath him. Because as it turns out, Drizzy had the nerve to check into the very same Four Seasons hotel that his adversary was resting at following Nicki Minaj‘s “Pinkprint” tour stop at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Ampitheatre the prior evening.

How do we know this, you might ask? The first clue comes from “Summer Sixteen,” the lead single off Drizzy’s upcoming album, Views From the 6, an informative record that was released today during the 14th episode of OVO Sound Radio. “I’m just a sicko, a real sicko when you get to know me, n***a / I let the diss record drop, you were staying right below me, n***a / We must have played it 100 times, you was going to bed / Why would I put on a vest? I expect you to aim for the head,” boasts the 6 God after making mention of the luxury hotel chain.

Then, at the beginning of “War Pain” from Meek’s new 4/4 Part 2 EP, the follow-up to his four-song offering a couple of weeks ago, the Philly MC provides additional insight on the matter. “Location: Toronto. Status: five-star hotel – Four Seasons. Them chumps right upstairs; they know not to come down here and play with no real n****s. Mood: I’m still up counting $500,000 cash, Nicki in the bedroom asleep. Life is good,” he says.

Aside from the curious desire for further details regarding Drake’s apparent troll however, the closeness in timing of these two songs raises perhaps an even deeper question: did Meek Mill have knowledge of or perhaps even a chance to hear the contents of Drizzy’s new single before it was released, or is all of this purely coincidence?