A Kentucky mayor indicted for solicitation of prostitution had the charges dropped, even though he allegedly admitted that he used his position to get sexual favors from a woman on parole. The mayor claims he was coerced into confessing.

Shepherdsville Mayor Scott Ellis confessed to Bullitt County Sheriff’s detective Lynn Hunt that he have oral sex with a woman on parole for a drug conviction.

The prosecution contend that Ellis paid $40 to $60 for the woman’s tanning bed visits, promised a pardon for her convictions and called an apartment complex on her behalf. In exchange, the woman performed oral sex on Ellis in his office.

In November. the indictment for solicitation of prostitution against Ellis was dismissed since there was not enough evidence to charge Ellis.

Other complaints that surfaced included a police officer reportedly hearing Ellis talk openly about black people, saying that all of them injected with Sickle Cell so they couldn’t reproduce. Other co-workers also admitted hearing the mayor use racial and anti-gay insults.

On Thursday, Ellis denied all the allegations against him and said he has no plan to resign.