Kanye West‘s new album drops this week, and we still don’t have a title, album artwork, or tracklist.

Still, we shouldn’t fret. Ye’s known to pull rabbits out of hats, and if his sold-out Madison Square Garden album/Yeezy Season 3 reveal is as big as we’re expecting it to be, whatever goes down on February 11 will be worth the wait. Still, with several days to go until anything’s official, details are still trickling out. This latest update comes from Kanye’s Chicago brethren, Jeremih.

In an interview with Billboard, the “Planez” singer revealed that in the last week, he’s done writing for Nicki Minaj and Kanye, meaning he and Yeezy may finally be working together. He also touched on what will follow his Late Nights album, which was finally released this past December, and Jeremih revealed that he’s toying with a Later That Night concept, following the theme of his album, and it’s predecessor, the Late Nights mixtape.

Check out the full Billboard chat here.