Cam Newton‘s fairy tale season came to a cold end last night, as Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, Demarcus Ware and the rest of the Broncos’ top rated defense got after the Panthers quarterback every chance they got, disallowing the regular season MVP to gain momentum in a 24-10 victory. After the game, though Cam was smiling and congratulatory when he greeted Peyton Manning, he was visibly dejected and upset during his press conference, and after solemnly answering questions for several minutes, Newton got up mid-question and left the podium.

The feedback from several media outlets has been mixed. While some people blame Cam for being unsportsmanlike, and ditching the normal, talkative persona he often exhibits in front of the media, others are sympathetic with the former Heisman trophy winner, pointing out the fact that he couldn’t help but let his emotions take over on the biggest stage he’s ever been on, and shouldn’t be faulted. However, the full story might not have been revealed until long after Cam left the podium.

This Twitter video features  an alternate angle of the moment Cam walked off, and much clearer audio of the background noise. In the background, while Cam answers several questions about his poor performance, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris can be heard excitably talking about Denver’s gameplan, “Load the box, force y’all to throw the ball. Can you throw the football? That was the gameplan.” By the sound and look of it, Newton had just had enough.