Yesterday’s Super Bowl 50 match-up was billed as one of the most thrilling in recent years. Outside of the league’s two best defenses and rushing attacks going head-to-head, the storylines were in abundance, from Cam looking to be the first player in football history to win Heisman, league MVP, BCS Championship and Super Bowl, to Peyton Manning potentially calling it a career, win or loss. It was a heavy game, and while many were looking for Cam Newton to unofficially usher in a new era with a landmark victory over one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, the Panthers struggled to gain momentum, and the Broncos eventually took it 24-10, in a game that was much closer than the final score indicates.

Throughout the second half, the hopefulness in Cam Newton’s eyes visibly waned, and he eventually collapsed on the Panthers sideline after the Broncos turned his second fumble of the game into a game-sealing touchdown in the 4th quarter. His disappointment didn’t stop there. During his post-game presser, Cam was stoic, giving short, dismissive answers to just about every question that was posed, before getting up in the middle of a reporter’s question, and walking off.