President Barack Obama says one improvement he’d like to make at the White House for his successor is to upgrade the WiFi system.

Speaking during an interview with CBS News on Super Bowl Sunday, both Obama and his wife, Michelle, said getting better quality connectivity for the Internet is a serious issue at the Executive Mansion.

In an exclusive with Gayle King during CBS’s Super Bowl 50 pregame show, the POTUS touched on his efforts in getting “the whole tech thing” working for the next Commander-In-Chief and their family.

“This is an old building, so there’s a lot of dead spots where the Wi-Fi doesn’t work,” President Obama said. Michelle  added that the couple’s daughters, Malia and Natasha Obama, are “irritated” by the terrible Wi-Fi connection in the White House.

At the time of the interview, Obama claimed the bad connection issue was true “across the board,” including at the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon.