Cam Newton‘s incredible season, which included a regular season MVP award and a ridiculous regular season record of 15-1 for his Carolina Panthers, came to a disappointing end in last weekend’s Super Bowl 50 match-up with the Broncos, in which the Panthers couldn’t get going against the Broncos’ top-flight defense or running game. Cam Newton was visibly dejected after the game, and controversially gave short answers to reports in a post-game press conference cut short by his abrupt departure, and alluded in the days following that he doesn’t know how to be a “good” loser.


While sports analysts and NFL insiders debate about whether or not Cam is a good role model for kids coming up watching sports, one kid seems to have no probelm with Cam’s behavior, and would much rather extend a sympathetic hand then criticize his attitude. 8-year-old Stephen Graham made sent a hand-written letter to Newton after the loss, telling him that, “When a friend falls down, the other friend always picks him up.” Graham also offered Cam a “paper trofy”–the kid’s still learning the whole, “ph” makes an “f” sound thing, which his adorable–and it’s amazing that he’s showing more class than high-profile journalists.