The Volvo V90 is not set to make its release until February 18th in Stockholm, Sweden but Volvo has decided to release photos of their newest station wagon a few days early.

The photos hit the web after briefly hitting social media. This is the worlds first look at the new car. Its aesthetic is much like a blend of the current S90 sedan and the XC90 crossover. Just like those two models, this car comes equipped with Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture.  The front of the car looks much like the sedan sporting the Thor’s Hammer headlights while the roof and rear have similarities with the Volvo Concept Estate.

There isn’t much word on the features this new car will have. It hard to predict what the powertrain will be capable of from just pictures but we can expect a turbocharged or twin-charged 2.0 liter four cylinder option along with a T-8 plug in option like many other Volvos have had in recent years. volvo-s90-wagon-spies2