Watch T-Pain’s New Lyric Video, “Officially Yours,” Here

T-Pain‘s forthcoming studio album, Stoicville, his first album since 2011’s Revolver, is due out this year, and after teasing fans with resonating releases like the title track and “Drankin Patna,” Pain is back with a new release to kick off the new year, “Officially Yours,” which you can listen to above via the official lyric video.

It’s been public knowledge for years that T-Pain doesn’t need auto-tune to sing well, and this new jam is proof, as he ditches the voice-altering software for his raspy, soulful tone. We’ve now been treated to just about every side of T-Pain–rapping Pain, auto-tune pain, soulful Pain sans auto-tune–since he announced his new album, so hopefully we’ll be treated to the Stoicville LP sooner rather than later.