Craigslist is definitely a dangerous place to sell and buy goods, but who knew that it may not even be safe for the thieves and predators that peruse the controversial, California-based site?

A Brooklyn teen is in the hospital with a severed arm and his robbery victim is behind bars after the 17 year old tried to rob a man at gunpoint after answering a Craigslist ad for a pair of Air Jordans for sale.

Zachary Sam was charged with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon while his victim, Philip Pierre, was charged with attempted murder after Pierre ran Sam over with his vehicle after the robbery, causing the teen to completely lose his arm.

Sam got into Pierre’s Honda Pilot and pulled out a gun, demanding the prized kicks. The teen allegedly stole the Jordan Retro 8 sneakers and then walked away. Sam managed to make it only about 100 yards when the 39-year-old driver made a U-turn, stepped on the gas, hitting the teen and pinning him against an adjacent fence, causing him to lose his arm.

The teen flagged down a bus, with one arm, but was snatched of by Pierre who told the bus driver that the one armed bandit robbed him.

An ambulance took Sam and his severed arm to Brookdale Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. Last night, surgeons were attempting to re-attach his arm.

Pierre is behind bars on an attempted murder charge.