Shot/Edited by ÅKLØ NYC

Utterly destroying fashion convention and norm, high end sportswear label Gypsy Sport is hitting a formidable stride. Rio Uribe, the brands enlightened creative director, demonstrates a constant ability to prove a renegade spirit putting together collections that shock as much as they genuinely delight. Tomorrow, Gypsy Sport is set to show off its latest 2016 womenswear.

During New York Men’s fashion week this year, Uribe let loose on the runway an expertly crafted Fall/Winter menswear collection of unique tailorings and smart materials. Brown fur laced garments, turtlenecks fitted with shirts draped over them, lengthened sleeves and 1970s influenced stylings of patchwork all accentuated an overtly masculine and conversely androgynous streetwear grouping. Championing clothing from a genderless paradigm, Gypsy Sport’s Fall/Winter 2016 group of unisex clothes was unveiled and men’s fashion week was better because of it. Hues of brown, tan, light blue, navy and more dressed a subtle yet completely eye pleasing color palette that was matched perfectly with the entirety of the male models stoically strutting with all-white shell-toe inspired kicks.  

Those fortunate enough to peruse the apparel first hand such as the iconic Whoopi Goldberg, recognized the Skylight Clarkson North’s tangibly cool vibes the day of the presentation (February 3, 2016). A behind the scenes video displays the show’s models prepping for the show, some dabbing, “cookin” and dancing in jubilance, others putting on their game faces. Uribe excitedly poses for photos, is interviewed and then witnesses his work reach the masses. 


Completely providing a nod to the ‘70s with plush shearlings, vintage athletic wear and widened collars, the collection addressed the timeless subject of race and ethnicity. The colors strategically picked, were all based on various skin tones, Uribe heightening this concept by creating a patchwork print out of close-up images of his skin and the skin of a few of the Gypsy Sport team and close associates. It is this demonstration of heightened thinking and a fresh employment of historical fashions and stylings that creates true forces in the fashion industry and Uribe, knowledgeable on the past yet firmly committed and steadfast on breaking convention, certainly is one of them. Tomorrow, Gypsy Sport is set to host a showcase and restyling of the same set of genderless clothing in a womenswear context, at New York Women’s fashion week. Stay tuned for the coverage.