Ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is being investigated today[February 15, 2016] by the NYPD for his possible connection to an assaulr on a woman at a midtown Manhattan hotel.
A 25 year old woman is accusing Spitzer of choking in a hotel room in the Plaza Hotel, according to police sources.

“The victim has indicated that the subject is Eliot Spitzer,”

said a statement from the NYPD that was released Sunday. “Through an ongoing investigation, we are attempting to further establish the identity of the subject and the nature of the incident.”
The police received calls of a mentally disturbed person and when they arrived, they found the 25 year old Russian native with self inflicted cuts on her wrists. After she was taken to the hospital, the former governor showed up there, covering his face with his hat.

The former governor has yet to be charged with a crime or even questioned by authorities.