Gucci Mane has been behind bars since 2013, serving time for a weapons charge, and over the last year or so, rumors of an early release have dominated internet conversations about him. The Atlanta rapper has been in and out of jail since the yea 2000, and infamously named his most commercially successful album The State vs Radric Davis in 2009 as another prison bid hung in the balance during his promotional run.

After 1017 Records falsely claimed that their leader, Gucci, would be home next month earlier this year on Instagram, this new report offers more concrete information about Gucci’s release, which could be much sooner than the alleged March 2017 date, the most recent reported date of the “Wasted” rapper’s release.

If this snapshot is true, Gucci’s release before the end of the year will be an occurrence celebrated by many. Even from behind bars, Gucci has been one of the most instrumental members of Atlanta’s recent dominance, whether it’s his cosigning of new artists, from Young Thug to Migos, or his early work with producers like Mike Will Made It and Metro Boomin, who have both been on an impeccable run, from Mike Will producing Beyonce‘s latest single to Metro’s placment in the Creed soundtrack.

Stay tuned for more information.