Vivica A. Fox stopped by “Good Day Columbia” last Tuesday to discuss her role on Fox’s hit show “Empire,” her out-of-this-world comeback in “Independence Day 2” this summer, and campaigning for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

When the interviewer asked why is she endorsing Clinton, Fox responded,

“Why not? Why not Hillary? I mean, I got to experience history when I got out and I campaigned for Barack Obama and stomped the grounds, and I got to see the first African-American man become president. I am so here to support Hillary Clinton. The Clintons have been so respected for so many years. I love that she’s got enough guts to go at this one more time. She’s respected internationally, she cares about our community. We have to keep things going forward. If we trust the other side, the Republicans, we’re gonna be going back to a time that has passed, and I just feel that with Secretary Clinton, we will continue to go forward.”

The South Carolina Democratic primary is slated for Saturday, Feb. 27.