Kendrick Lamar hasn’t just been dominant in the music aspect of his career. The Compton rapper has also excelled in the humanitarian category, performing as part of a TDE toy drive during the Christmas holiday and forwarding some of the proceeds from sales of his new Reebok shoes to charity. Yesterday, Kendrick continued his run of heartwarming moments by inviting a group of high school kids from his former stomping grounds, Centennial High School, to attend the Grammy Awards with him.

In the video above, which was published by Reebok, you can see a stretched Hummer pick up the excitable students, and the light in their eyes as they sit at a nearby location and group interview the rapper before he hit the Grammys stage and picked up the coveted Rap Album of the Year award. Watch the Reebok clip above, and if you didn’t see Kendrick shut the stage down with “The Blacker the Berry,” “Alright,” and “Untitled 3,” you can do so here.