There’s much to talk about concerning Kanye West‘s new album, The Life of Pablo, from the extensive production credits to its exclusivity (you can only legally stream it on TIDAL). Kanye is also talking about his album at length, and promised recently that it would never be available on Apple Music, despite rampant rumors last year that he would cut a lucrative deal with the new streaming service to release the LP. He also cryptically stated on his Twitter account “I’ma fix Wolves,” which could be a reference to the fact that Vic Mensa and SIA were previously on the record–they even performed it together with West on Saturday Night Live–but don’t appear on the album’s final version.

Judging by Chance The Rapper‘s Snapchat, Yeezy might be “fixing” another song on the album, “Waves,” which was reportedly the reason the release of the album was delayed to early Sunday morning. Kanye hasn’t said anything to indicate that this is the case, but in the background of the following snaps, you can hear what sounds like Chance singing on the song, which currently only features vocals from Kanye, Chris Brown and Kid Cudi.

Who knows, maybe with the impending T.L.O.P. update, “Wolves” won’t be the only song that gets a face lift.