Rihanna fans were bummed out Monday night when they found out that the singer, who was on the bill to perform at the 58th annual Grammy Awards, suddenly was a no show. The initial report was that she was suffering from bronchitis and was not medically cleared by her doctors to sing. Rihanna took to her Twitter account and apologized to fans for not performing but did not go into any detail as to the cause.

Today, it is being revealed that an incident during rehearsals might be the actual reason. According to TMZ, Rihanna grew highly upset during her final rehearsal earlier that day, with the report further claiming that she was screaming hysterically and stormed out of the Staples Center. Sources told TMZ that all of her prior rehearsals had gone great, but did not go into detail into the incident in question.

Peep a clip of RihRih during one of her rehearsals below.