Spoilers ahead.

After last week’s intense episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, things have slowed down quite a bit. The survivors settle back into their homes, and resume some sort of normalcy, while Rick and Daryl are sent to find more supplies. Fans also learn some situations take more time to develop than others.

When Jessie faced her early doom last week, it seemed the show had killed off the best chance for Rick to have a new romantic interest, but the biggest bombshell of the week was when someone else filled that void. To some fans it will come as no surprise, when you consider she has saved his life dozens of times, spent months with his group and sliced through waves of zombies to protect him while carrying Carl. What starts as gently holding hands with Michonne, leads to an eventful ending.

Alexandria’s walls have been repaired and the town has been made safe again. This ultimately sends Rick and Daryl out to find necessary supplies. They end up finding a storage truck full of food, but instead of heading right back to Alexandria, they make a pit stop to investigate a snack machine. They run into a traveler on the road, who turns out to be a wily thief, distracting the two explorers before stealing their vehicle.


With no scenes of Maggie and Glenn or Carol and Morgan, the episode features a wandering Spencer, looking for his mom Deanna to bury. After a verbal wrestling with Michonne, she finally helps him find her, and they discover Carl also ushering her to Spencer, a foreshadowing of Carl’s new philosophy towards zombified family members. Spencer may be working on his own road to moral redemption, despite being an unlikable character before.

After hunting down and catching the thief, who is an easter egg from the graphic novel named “Jesus,” a rumble ensues that ends up landing the truck full of food in the bottom of a river. The duo decide to bring him back to Alexandria, with Rick’s hopes of changing the non-violent thief. It is Jesus who ultimately burst in on the naked pair of Michonne and Rick, with an inopportune request, “Rick wake up, we should talk.” 

The episode brought things back down to a more grounded level after last weeks explosiveness, anchoring on the love development of two of the main characters. Social media is already dubbing the killer couple of Michonne and Rick, “Richonne.”