The exposure and popularity of art and fashion has been on the rise due to the growing voice of young people via social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. This popularity has opened the door for aspiring creatives to try their hand in collaboration with some of the titans of their respective industries. GUCCIGHOST is among those young artists that’s been given the opportunity of a lifetime.

GUCCIGHOST is a director, visual artist and now designer working in the indie/underground scene directing videos, spray painting the famous Gucci monogram logo, and being an all ’round cool guy. This Milan Fashion Week, Gucci decided to let GUCCIGHOST add his own personal twist to their newest 2016 Fall Collection.

The line consists of pieces designed and manipulated by GUCCIGHOST, including some that contain actual spray-painted elements. This new line is an example of the cultural influence the youth has today. GUCCIGHOST’s pieces make the statement about the cross pollination of pop culture and high fashion that has been becoming more and more apparent. Names like Ian Conner and Luka Sabbat have made ways for the youth to have a voice in the fashion industry like never before and it’s refreshing to see even the most dominant houses have taken notice and are following this trend of “pop-fashion.”

You can check out more of GUCCIGHOST’s work at