Sabrina Salmon a.k.a. Sabryna is starting to make strides as a pop/R&B talent with her refreshingly modern sound (her first buzz single, “Young Sexy & Crazy,” is testament to that). Raised in both Europe and New Zealand, her lifelong dream was to live in Los Angeles where she’s now successfully creating her artistic platform.

Sabryna excelled in performance and studies at the Berklee College of Music while living for a spell in Boston and during that time was also offered contracts by several modeling agencies. After transitioning to LA, she met with talent manager Michael Gomez of Fogo Management Group and began working on her first EP. Not only is Sabryna a naturally gifted vocalist, she maintains a bombshell stylish image complimenting the essence of her movement.

Inspired by strong women unafraid of taking risks and stepping outside of the box, Sabryna brings unique life experience and innate class to the game. As she establishes herself in La La Land, her future is unfolding just as she imagined. Believing in her heart and knowing exactly what she wants to do, Sabryna is determined to succeed.

What exactly inspired you to begin your profession and when did you officially start?

I moved to Boston when I was 18 years old for college with big dreams and lots of ambition, but unfortunately I got into a very unhealthy relationship and my life started to go down the wrong path. I had zero self confidence and didn’t believe I was worthy of my dreams anymore. I have a cousin that’s like a little sister to me, who’s been battling mental health issues her entire life. She really looked up to me, called me her idol. I no longer felt I was worthy of that title. But she inspired and encouraged me to take control of my life again and go after my dreams. So I finally broke up with him, dropped out and moved to LA. Scariest, hardest and best thing I’ve ever done. I just knew I had to sing. I met my manager Mike in February 2015, he believed in me and from there I started my career.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far and why?

Meeting Usher! That whole session was insane. Felt like a dream. I came to the studio that day to visit [producer] Dem Jointz quickly and he was like, “Surprise! Usher’s coming!” I literally had to go out into the parking lot to scream. I have followed his career and looked up to him forever. I remember trying to copy his riffs as a kid. The craziest moment was when I came out of the booth after singing on his track and he turned around, pointed at me and said “You’re dope.” I died.

How has your life changed since you began your journey and what are you expecting next?

My whole life has changed. To say that I actually am making a career of singing is crazy. I’m still pinching myself. I now have confidence in myself and my gift. I’m creating music I’m really proud of. There’s nothing better than that and I’m just really grateful. I just want to continue to make good music. I have a list of people I want to work with and my goal is to get through that list this year! I also want to tour and get in front of and connect with an audience.

What characteristics are important to have in order to be successful and why?

I’m still figuring it out! But so far I’ve learned that it takes belief. Belief comes before everything. If you don’t believe in you, no one else will. Simple. Resilience is also incredibly important. It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, what matters is you always get back up! Dust yourself off and keep moving.

What advice could you offer to those pursuing a career in the entertainment industry?

I learned that it’s all mental. The way we feel about ourselves and our thoughts create our reality. It takes belief, unwavering belief. If you can obtain this unwavering belief than you’ll out work everyone and keep fighting. Even when it looks as though disaster has struck. Persistence and belief will always win.

What prominent individuals in entertainment inspire you and why?

I love Beyoncé. Nobody does it like she does. Not only is she an impeccable vocalist but she’s an outstanding performer. And she’s using her platform and art to take a stand on important matters and inspire others to take a stand! I loved her Super Bowl performance and I commend her bravery and strength as a woman! She’s a force.

I’m also inspired by Kanye West. Who I realize isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite person right now, but hear me out. I don’t agree with everything Kanye tweets nor his non-incisive rants on stage. But I am inspired by his no F’s attitude and how he insists on speaking his mind in a world that has become so incredibly politically correct. I may not agree with his brutal honesty all the time, but he is honest. And honesty is something this industry is lacking.

How did you feel you contribute to the innovation of music?

I want to make music that uplifts people, especially young girls. And I hope I have achieved that. I see so many young girls who put their looks and sexuality before their brains and intellect. I used to be that girl. And I can understand that when your self esteem is low it’s easier to get judged from a selfie than your opinions and thoughts. I really wanted to make music and inspires girls to celebrate themselves, their strength and everything they have to offer.