No Surprise Here: Stephen Curry Hits Ridiculous 40-Foot Shot Like It’s a Free Throw

If you’re not ready to replace LeBron James with Stephen Curry as the league’s best player, at least admit that he’s overtaken the Cavs forward as the most exciting one. Night in and night out, the reigning regular season MVP and NBA Champion makes commentators lose their mind, and forces fans to use the “rewind” function on their televisions more than they’ve ever had to. Even celebrities have a hard time staying cool while sitting courtside once they’ve become a witness to Curry magic. Naturally, last night was no different.

During the Warriors close victory over a resilient Miami Heat team, as time in the first quarter wound down, Steph calmly crossed over, and pulled up for a 40-foot three-pointer that hit nothing but net. Just look at the dejected Heat players as they walk away knowing they’ve just been “Curried,” and are about to be Vine’d millions of times–at least until Curry’s next game.

Steph went on to drop 42 in the victory, and the Warriors are that much closer to the Bulls’ record for wins in a season. If they lose 4 games or less before the end of the regular season, history is theirs.