Superstar producer and beat maker Pharrell Williams, has added co owner the G-Star raw brand to his lengthy and multi-faceted resume. As the first clothing entity to use recycled ocean plastic, the brands ethics are strong, improving the environment with each garment production. Transferring over 2 million single use plastic containers collected from ocean shorelines, G-Star Raw’s latest campaign is a testament to their ethological efforts.  

 “RAW for the Oceans is a purpose made into a clothing line.” explains Pharrell Williams; Co-designer of the collection, creative director of Bionic Yarn, and recently co-owner of G-Star RAW. Skateboard P began with G-Star as a close partner and associate yet his involvement grew to complete and utter participation in many of the companies aspects.       

For Spring/Summer 2016, the collection’s slogan “WTF Are You Doing to My Oceans?” is plainly visible rhetoric. Using the clothing to stress a poignant message, Pharrell may have joined G-Star for its ability to provide more than simply apparel. The question is offered up on a range of unisex t-shirts, sweats and denims.

Dropping at G-Star Raw locations in store and online on February 23, 2016, prepare for the apparel based statement.