Last night [Saturday, February 27] Stephen Curry did some things that shouldn’t be taught, encouraged or done at all in any regulation basketball game. Three pointers that shouldn’t have been shot, decisions that should have been smarter and a confidence that should be tamed. But, here’s the thing about this notion that’s presented of what he can’t do: he can and will do those things.

Curry will shoot and make those threes. He will turn a incompetent decision and make it appear genius. He will have a confidence that probably won’t be tamed. Why? Simple—he’s Stephen Curry, he’s the reigning NBA MVP and he’s unreal. He’s not like the rest of us normal human beings.

Basketball players are taught from an early age to make the smart decision, play good team ball and take well-advised shots. Great defense beats great offense every day, they’re coached. A high basketball IQ defeats the player attempting to be too fancy, they coached. But somewhere along the lines, Curry has slithered through those cracks to defy the laws of basketball.

We can’t shoot 30 footers with ease and make them consistently. We can’t break and re-break records of X amount of 3 pointers in a season nor be on track to make well over 300 by the end of the regular season. We can’t shoot and score at will and apparently, no one in the NBA can, at least not on Curry’s level. A lot of our fellow friends are fearing what they can’t understand and hating what they can’t conquer. Trust me, it’s understood; when it’s never been done, it’s hard to come to terms with it. That’s why it’s sad there’s so much traction from the Oscar Robertson’s of the world.

Last night was apparent that Curry is the best shooter in the world. Curry is the best player in the world. While it may be a hard pill to swallow, it’s a pill that needs to be swallowed and digested. 30 feet shots with ease, 12 three pointers on 16 attempts against one of the best teams in the NBA (Oklahoma City Thunder) and confidence to boast. Steph Curry is on some legendary ish, and we have to accept the craziness that comes with it.