Watch Stephen Curry Do More Not-Human Things, Like Hit a 32-Foot Game-Winner

No matter how poorly either team has played leading up to a game against each other, the Thunder and Warriors always manage to bring their best effort to the court when they get matched up, an the end results are often game-winners and/or overtime. It was a narrowly-missed three-pointer that gave the Warriors the victory during these teams’ Super Bowl weekend match-up, and last night, with Kevin Durant fouled out, it was Stephen Curry in overtime doing Stephen Curry things that helped the Warriors improve to 2-0 against the Thunder this season.

The reigning NBA MVP hit ridiculous shots all of last week, and they appeared to be practice for last night, when it really counted. Relish in Curry’s greatness–or torture yourself, if you’re a Thunder fan like this writer–with the video clip of Curry’s ridiculous, contested, 32-foot three-pointer with 0.6 seconds left on the clock, which sealed Golden State’s victory.

If you can’t get enough of this match-up, never fear. these teams have to play each other twice more before the playoffs start in April.