She might not have taken home the Oscar at yesterday’s [Sunday, February 28] Academy Awards, but Lady Gaga absolutely won the hearts of everyone watching.

The entertainer teamed up with famed song writer Diane Warren to construct “Til It Happens To You,” an Oscar-nominated song from The Hunting Ground, a CNN Films documentary that shines a light on the growing number of sexual assaults on American college and university campuses.

During her emotional performance of the track last night, a curtain parted onstage and dozens of solemn-faced young men and women appeared. Survivors of sexual assault, the group exposed their forearms to reveal such words and phrases as “Survivor,” “You Are Love,” “Unbreakable” and “Not Your Fault.” With tears from audience members including Kate Winslet and Rachel McAdams, the powerful statement resonated across the auditorium and in homes worldwide.

“Let’s change the culture,” Vice President Joe Biden said when introducing the performance and informing people of the supporting website for the cause, “We must, and we can.”