Hillary Clinton’s Awkward Response to a Concerned Voter: “Why Don’t You Go Run For Something?”

Today is #SuperTuesday, and with November’s presidential race pretty much down to a four-person race–Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders–this day of major primaries is one of the most important days of each candidate’s quickly intensifying campaign, especially for Ted Cruz, who has serious ground to make up thanks to Trump’s recent momentum.

Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, the above Vine clip is being circulated on the one day they really just need it to go away. A concerned girl was apparently questioning some inconsistencies in Hillary’s record, and rather than address the issues she was bringing up, Hillary decided to blow her off with this retort, “Why don’t you run for something?”

We’re pretty sure this isn’t the propaganda the Clinton campaign wants circulated on today of all days, but, welcome to election year.