Katt Williams has already run into legal trouble over the last couple weeks in Georgia, and according to this report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they’re far from over. Before being arrested for allegedly starting a fight in a Gainesville, Georgia pool shop last Monday, Williams allegedly got into an altercation on Sunday after being approached by several fans on the street, near the intersection of Peachtree and West 3rd streets.

A woman named Salena Boston reportedly approached the comedian outside with a group of friends, and asked to take a few pictures with Williams, an Ohio native. Things were proceeding rather uneventfully, until, according to the AJC report, one of Boston’s friends began filming Williams, causing the comedian to grow angry, and begin “fighting” the women. Williams then punched Boston, pulled out a gun, pointed it at Boston and her friends, and took their phones.

Williams’ account of what happened is markedly different from Boston’s. According to him, he never gave the women permission to film him, and that they began taking pictures of him without his consent. When the situation escalated, a member of his security team responded to a threat from one of the women, who claimed she was going to her car to “get something to pop somebody,” by calmly placing his firearm on a concrete post as a warning.

Williams would soon be handcuffed, but not taken into custody. The women that were allegedly attacked by Williams will be giving a press conference outside Atlanta’s police headquarters this afternoon at 2 p.m.