As expected, folks are still talking about Chris Rock‘s eyebrow-raising opening monologue–and subsequent skits–at this year’s Academy Awards. Amid the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and the heightened attention placed on Hollywood’s issue with diversity and inclusion, Rock took the stage and pinned his ears back, while poking fun at Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, using stereotypes in an awkwardly-received skit about Asians, and bringing out Stacey Dash to wish everyone a Happy Black History Month.

Rick Ross, however, didn’t find any of Rock’s antics funny. During an interview with Washington D.C.’s 93.9 Fam in the Morning, Ross called the opening monologue “corny,” and flat out told the comedian to “stop.”

Chris Rock, he a cornball. Let’s keep it real. I ain’t even finna kick it with y’all like that. Chris Rock a cornball. And I’ma leave it right there. It wasn’t funny. Stop. He ain’t the one, you dig. I’m not fan of his.

It’s possible that Ross has lingering hard feeling towards Chris Rock stemming from a diabetes joke the comedian aimed at the rapper a couple years ago, but regardless, he certainly didn’t enjoy Rock’s jokes on Sunday night.