Upon entering the lobby of the Street Execs studio, I was almost certain of what I was getting myself into.

With a gallery outfitted with nearly 40 curated pieces and decorated with the trophies and memorabilia of two of Hip Hop’s, let alone Southern Hip Hop’s, most prolific names, it was quite obvious what was up.

Only a couple of hours before the release of the much anticipated ColleGrove project, artists 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne‘s most notable career archives were on display to an intimate crowd Thursday evening [March 3, 2016] as a score composed of familiar tracks from both rappers and some appreciated tinted lighting set the night’s atmosphere.ColleGrove-cover

Pieces of artwork from Atlanta-based artists and photos on display included a life size replica of the ‘Hair Weave Killa’ himself in an all-too-familiar denim fit, a larger than life copy of Tha Carter album cover, and a copy of 2 Chainz’s contract with Def Jam paired with the pen he used to sign it.

Before midnight hit, 2 Chainz took a stroll of the gallery with his mother at his side in a candid moment with the occasional “Momma look at this,” and, simply put, it was great.

The stroke of midnight meant a listen of the completed 13-track project where Lil Wayne makes an appearance on 8. Piled into a crowded studio, the energy was undeniable from the jump.

The previous releases of the “Gotta Lotta” and “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday” singles before today’s release gave listeners a pretty good idea of the project’s vibes and its spirited consistency reigns supreme upon further inspection. Check it out for yourself.

ColleGrove is now available to buy on iTunes, and can be streamed below.

Main Photo: Joe Moore