A group of Black Lives Matter protesters were forcibly ejected from a Donald Trump presidential caucus raly in New Orleans on Saturday night. Trump supporters shouted “all lives matter” as the protesters, who were of all races, were aggressively escorted out of the rally while the Trumpeteers punched and kicked them on their way out.

“Secret service and Trump’s security team were part of that crew, but so were civilians, who were allowed to push, kick and shove the protesters,”

says freelance reporter Amy K. Nelson who shot the video as a bystander in the crowd at Lakefront Airport.

“I personally witnessed a black woman, a white woman and Asian man get shoved down to the ground. “The crowd was chanting ‘All Lives Matter!’ and the protesters were fighting back against the civilians who were putting their hands on them. It was state sanctioned by the cops and security. A free-for-all, essentially. It was distressing,” says Nelson.