Lance Stephenson, who peaked during the Indiana Pacers 2012-14 playoff runs, once made an ill-advised move in the 2012 NBA playoffs, mocking and ridiculing then Miami Heat forward LeBron James for his at-the-time bad habits of freezing late in game.

Apparently, Heat players took offense to his behavior and went looking for him the next day. First the choke sign, and we can’t forget about the infamous ear blow in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals. The questions that begs is, what does/did Stephenson have against James?

Comments made by Danny Granger, via Sirius XM NBA radio:

“[They] came to our locker room looking for Lance Stephenson. They were searching him out,” Granger told Sirius XM NBA radio. “That’s a huge no-no. This was on an off day. I got involved, words were exchanged and whatnot.”

Granger added the trio made up the leadership of the Heat at the time and that “they were protecting LeBron. They thought Lance had done something disrespectful to him.”