No one does politically correct, thought-provoking or pulling the mind-game card like LeBron James. He’s the “King” of passive aggressiveness: saying comments without necessarily saying anything to get his point across. James will always do things his way. And as of late, he’s tweeted out subtle comments that appear to be directed at someone. As always, only James knows.

In typical fashion, James has no issues letting us know he will do whatever it takes to get his team going. Even if he has to give himself a lot of credit for how his mind is.


LeBron James pulled back the curtain a bit Monday on his recent flurry of tweets and Instagram posts. On one hand, he downplayed the significance of the dispatches. “It’s just my mind working, that’s all,” James said after the Cleveland Cavaliers held shoot-around in preparation for the Memphis Grizzlies. “I don’t know if anything started it. Just my mind working. I got a beautiful mind and I want to use it sometimes in a social manner.”

“They’re for the educated mind,” James said. “So if you have an educated mind, they hit home for you. [Sunday] night I tweeted that consistency and structure breeds perfection, and if you take a shortcut or if you don’t handle business, then you come up short. I think everybody should understand that. It’s nothing between the lines, it’s just life. You can’t shortcut being perfect or trying to be as perfect as you can, or trying to get to a point where you just feel like you can succeed. So, for educated minds, it should be fine.”