Reality star slash entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has attempted to break the Internet again with another nude selfie.

By this point no one can pretend to be horrified anymore, as we’ve seen Kimmy’s cakes multiple times. My first reaction was body envy; her figure is flawless, especially after giving birth to two children. Yet there was still a lot of negativity thrown her way on social media. Whether this is down to jealousy, guys mad they’ll never have a chance to sleep with her or just conservative hate because she’s a mother, who knows. Either way the “sudden” outrage is getting a bit boring.

There are many ways you can over-analyze why Kim feels the need to post naked pictures so often, maybe it’s narcissism or maybe it’s a message of female empowerment. Either way, the decision of what she posts is solely up to her and I salute her for her confidence and disregard for the haters. Kim arrived on our television screens predominantly because her sex tape was leaked and more power to her that she has made herself into a one-woman powerhouse because of it, when most women would just be mortified and cry.

I personally see her overexposure as something she’s doing in an effort to own her sexual side and take back power from the negative comments about her claim to fame. In a world of #FreeTheNipple, why can’t Kim’s nudes go down as a feminist statement? She challenges the fashion-world’s aesthetic of stick-thin models and promotes a healthy body image for young girls. Her selfies promote self-confidence and give gym-goers everywhere #BodyGoals. Whether those curves are natural or not is beside the point.

Yes, she is a mother and these pictures might make for some uncomfortable conversations in the future between her and Nori, but it’s still her prerogative as a woman to flaunt her body if she wants to. This outdated concept mothers must dress like nuns and stop doing anything remotely fun needs to stop. They have sex and can be attractive, get over it. What a woman does with her body is 100 percent her decision. Her husband, Kanye West, is notorious for going against the norm and doing what he wants. He doesn’t seem to care about his wife’s posts, so why do men that don’t even know her comment in outrage? When Chris Brown’s nudes leaked, for example, nobody was angry.

Kimye will continue to get people talking and cause a few eye rolls here and there. That’s who they are. There’s no need for slut shaming in 2016. Let this be the year of body confidence and women building each other up, instead of tearing each other down. Do you Kim.