A 31-year-old gun rights activist, Jamie Gilt, was shot in the back by her 4-year-old son, who was fumbling with her handgun when it went off as he sat in the backseat of her car. The loaded .45 fired a round that traveled through the driver’s seat of the car as the two drove through Putnam County in Florida. Ironically, just yesterday, Gilt bragged about her son getting “jacked up” to do target practice with a .22 caliber handgun (reminder, the son is 4).

Once the news reached the Florida Times-Union, who broke the story, their staffers immediately recognized Gilt from her aggressive Facebook campaigns, which feature her posing with a rifle and her son in one instance, and other pictures of Gilt training a gun on an unknown target. Her page was the subject of intense criticism prior to today’s incident, even from people who were supportive of Gilt’s pro-gun agenda. Like this Facebook user, who was wary of the fact that “gun haters” might “lump us into the same category.” Gilt’s Facebook page has since been deleted.

Thanks for bringing our second amendment rights under attack with your utter STUPIDITY. I do hope you recover quickly, truly I do. But honestly–I am just glad it was YOU who was shot and not your little boy! How stupid can you be to have a firearm within reach of your child? I was raised in a house full of guns and taken to the shooting range to shoot them but they were NEVER within my reach without proper supervision. I honestly wish people like you never owned a firearm… now gun haters will lump us into the same category as people like you.

Gilt was able to communicate to nearby officers that she’d been shot by her son, and needed immediate medical assistance shortly after the incident occurred. As of right now, there isn’t an update on her condition.