According to reports from The Wrap, Sony has plans to drop Dr. Luke due to his quickly ballooning legal issues with Kesha, who accused the Pop producer of sexually assaulting and harassing her in October of 2014. Since then, Kesha has tried relentlessly to free herself from her legally binding contract with Dr. Luke and his record label, Kemosabe Records, but to no avail. Their issues first began when a close associate of Kesha’s accused Luke of stunting her growth as an artist, claims that were exacerbated by Kesha’s stint in a rehab center, where she was addressing her bout with bulimia.

Today, The Wrap says “knowledgeable individuals” have told them that Sony has plans to “end its working relationship” with Dr. Luke a year before his contract expires. Since Kesha’s allegations have become widespread, the singer has received monetary support from Taylor Swift, and public emotional support from Lady Gaga and former Dr. Luke collaborator Kelly Clarkson. As recently as last month, an injunction filed by Kesha’s legal team, meant to free her from her Kemosabe contract, was denied by a judge. In the meantime, Sony has said that they’ve made it possible for Kesha to continue her career free of any involvement with Dr. Luke, but Kesha isn’t looking for disassociation. She wants out.

So far, neither Sony nor Luke has commented, but we’re sure developments will be made available soon.