The history of the racially charged incidents that shook the University of Missouri’s campus will be the inspiration behind a new series directed by Spike Lee. The short film, titled 2 Fist Up, will showcase the students of Mizzou who stood up against administration for not acting on complaints of racial mockery dating back to 2010. Multiple students reported their concerns to administration but warranted no response, causing students to protest. The complaints involved things like vandalism, the hurling of racial slurs and other tactics meant to harm the psyche of African American students. Lee is focusing on the topic from his perspective, as a part of his digital Lil Spike Lee Joints series.

The plight of obtaining a college education in an unhealthy racial climate is still the burden of many students. Lee is not only a seasoned directer, he has a history of documenting race and society from an African American standpoint. Lee’s film School Daze, which recently celebrated its 28th anniversary, documents race and society as an African American student attending an HBCU. While the situations are very different, Lee’s eloquent directing is sure to depict the true and authentic plight of the students of Mizzou.

The student organization Concerned Student 1950 recently released a self-titled documentary, following the student activists and their time at Mizzou. The documentary premiered at the True/False Film Festival this year.

2 Fist Up will be released to the public on May 31. As questions to what can be done to cure race issues at the University of Missouri are still unanswered, students will get a chance for their stories to be documented. As an added bonus, Lee will offer his artistic expertise on the issue. For more check out a candid clip of Lee, and the student activists of Mizzou, in action below.