Kobe Bryant “Got” LeBron in Their Final Match-Up Last Night

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have had some great head-to-head match-ups, but they never met in the NBA Finals when both players were playing at a very high level, something millions of NBA fans once wished for. The closest that came to happening was the 2009 playoffs, when the Cavs were eliminated by the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals 4-2. That year, the Lakers advanced to the NBA Finals and did away with the Magic in 5 games, but the world missed out on seeing Kobe vs LeBron on the nation’s biggest basketball stage.

Still, any time they get together the spotlight shines bright. No two players have been compared to Michael Jordan more then those two guys, and together they’re responsible for 7 of the last 15 championships. So, last night was an emotional one, but it didn’t go by without Kobe reminding LeBron who’s the student, and who’s the teacher one last time.

That’s how you go out.