A 26-year-old man, Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato, was shot 15 times in San Juan earlier this month, and unfortunately, police have found no leads on a suspect. Photos have surfaced today of his rather unconventional funeral, where rather than being placed in a more traditional coffin setting, Beato was propped up in a chair with his leg crossed, dressed in what was apparently his favorite outfit, and appeared to have some sort of cigar (or blunt) in between his fingers.

His eyes being open was a surprise provided by the funeral home.

One of Beato’s sisters, Ihizz, said that they “decided to embalm him like this because he was a very happy person, very active, and we want to remember him as he was,” and added that the family “didn’t want to see him lying in the coffin.”

According to The Daily Mail, Beato’s ceremony was the ninth unconventional funeral held at Marin Funeral Home in Rio Pedras, Puerto Rico, but the first where the deceased’s eyes were open.