Amber Rose DGAF, Says She Texts Kim Kardashian “All The Time”

Though social media does their best to pit Kim Kardashian against Amber Rose ad nauseum, the two women actually have nothing against each other, despite their respective current and former relationship with Kanye West. Leading up to the release of Ye’s newest album, The Life of Pablo, Kanye said that Kardashian and Rose were friends, and Kim later proved it posting a selfie of the two at an undisclosed location.

Last night, during an ABC Nightline piece inspired by Kim’s nude selfie, and the widespread conversations it started across social and popular media, Amber Rose claimed that she and Kardashian text each other “all the time,” and that the two are “positive” towards each other. Celebrity or not, it would appear that having an ex-girlfriend and wife be in constant communication would be awkward at the least, but if we’ve learned anything about the life of Pablo, normal rules don’t apply.

You can watch Rose’s segment on Nightline above.