Two 4-D movie theaters are to premiere in New York City at Times Square and Union Square. The first theater is set to open at the Regal Union Square Stadium theater for the premiere week of Batman v. Superman on March 25th.

The creators (CJ 4DPlexCo, Ltd) of 4-D Theaters hoping to change the downward trend of audience attendance at movie theaters by enhancing their while watching the movie. One huge change is audiences are able to smell what’s on the screen and feel the bullets whizz pass them as they watch the film. The audience are supplied with motion chairs and, according to some news stories, are advised not to drink during certain scenes. There are advisories posted for anyone of a certain age or health risk.

For years, movie theaters have been trying to increase their attendance numbers because of the steep declines— to no avail. There have been momentary increases with big name releases like Batman and Star Wars, but the overall trend has been downward.

These new theaters are a step above the 3D or IMAX experience, where watching films become more life like. There is a premium attached to the new theaters movie goers have to foot, but the extra costs is required because of the enhanced experience. 4-D theaters have been popular in South Korea for years and are starting to make their way in the U.S. Currently, the number of 4-D theaters are less than 300, but there are plans to increase it to 800 by the end of the year.